While not absolutely necessary, it will be advantageous to keep some power to the car during the battery change in order to keep the settings on the radio and windows. Visit us for a complimentary battery check and, if necessary, a battery replacement to help keep your 2014 Toyota Prius running! However, in the case of the Prius there is the second, drive, batter to consider, along with the electronics to charge the smaller battery. A crucial part of the starting and charging system, without a good, working 2014 Prius battery you won't get far. Fits Prius c (2012 - 2017) Battery - Repair or Replace As vehicle electronics become more and more sophisticated, replacing a battery becomes less straightforward. Even though we offer the absolute best technology when it comes to our 2014 Toyota Prius hybrid battery, we still want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with Best Hybrid Batteries. Labor costs are estimated between $26 and $33 while parts are priced at $239 . £28.00. Best Match. Disconnect the jumper battery or battery charger, if used, in the engine compartment. 2001-2003 Toyota Prius (1st generation) - $3,649 Toyota Prius Battery Invertor G9200-47140 Prius 1.8 vvti Hybrid 2010. 96. With high-capacity cells, the BeeMax™ battery from Bumblebee Batteries is the most powerful, most reliable, and longest-lasting replacement hybrid battery available for your Toyota Prius Hybrid. It requires that 23V supply to start. Attach the positive terminal assembly, being careful not to twist the wires from the position they were in originally. But could swear my aux battery was 16v not 12v believe you are measuring on the wrong side of the circuit! Optima makes a direct replacement, although it will probably need to be ordered online. Worked like a charm. The infamous PCDS-9's compatibility problems can be easily eliminated with a total rewiring into Whelen's more versatile PCCS-9 system. Dan Harmon (author) from Boise, Idaho on April 23, 2014: No. Replacement (with labor) was $294. With much luck on his side and a win at Australia, Michael would be hoping to win again in Brazil. Question: Can a 12V battery overnight charger be used to recharge a Prius? How long has the core exchange been around? 95. 2012-2015 Toyota Prius Liftback – $3,939. Designed to perform at the highest capacity, no matter the conditions, for years to come, our 2014 Toyota Prius hybrid battery is the absolute best of the best. My wife would go shopping & when she approached the car with the electronic key in her pocket the doors wouldn't open when you came in close proximity to the vehicle as it had in the past. Does it have to be the special , Absorbed_Glass_Mat type ? Cover it with an old glove or wrap a rag around it to prevent shorting to the car body and set it out of the way. I did notice decreasing mpg from 49-46 prior to failure. At Exclusively Hybrid we sell brand new and refurbished Prius hybrid batteries for Prius models 2004 to 2015 at a fraction of the cost of the dealership. Don't let the dealers talk you into replacing your Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery. Is your Prius's time up? Remove the plastic storage bin, exposing the spare tire. Collection in person. As you replied to one of the questions to Linda LK about the possibilty of defective charger or electric motor. Dan Harmon (author) from Boise, Idaho on April 18, 2017: I doubt the main battery was damaged by running the car on a dead or nearly dead 12 V battery. Dan Harmon (author) from Boise, Idaho on November 20, 2018: Either the new battery is not hooked up correctly or it is completely dead. Found two inches of Water under the battery. In the case of a hybrid HV battery, the replacement hybrid HV battery price is reduced by $500 if the original hybrid HV battery is provided to the Toyota dealer at point of sale. Electric hybrids run off battery power, so if you want to keep your vehicle running, youll have to make sure that the batteries are in good shape. … There is a 10 mm bolt on the side of the car, behind the carpeting on the side, and another nearer the center of the car. Genuine 2014 Toyota Prius Parts have been engineered to meet Toyota’s safety, reliability, and functionality standards. Having made a comeback to winning ways at Italy, Michael Schumacher wanted a back-to-back win at the U.S Grand Prix. $218.95 $ 218. The video above shows you how to replace the battery in your 2012 Toyota Prius V. We recommend changing the battery in Toyotas every 4 years. Most batteries will come with sufficient charge in them to start up the electronics of the Prius, but will need additional charging before long. Make absolutely certain that you know which wire goes where before making any connections! This is a complex and difficult task. a discount of $500 off the purchase of a replacement hybrid HV battery when you return & purchase a new hybrid HV battery. A used battery will cost you upwards of $1,500, while a refurbished Toyota Prius battery will cost $1,500 or more. There is a 10 mm bolt holding it to the car, and that bolt is much easier to reach than the bolt on the terminal itself. Toyota Prius C Car Battery Replacement costs $325 on average. Starting with the 2020 model year, every Toyota hybrid battery warranty is being increased from 8 years or 100,000 miles, to 10 years from date of first use, or 150,000 miles whichever comes first. Replacement Hybrid Car Batteries for all Makes/Models & Years. Amazon carries the ACDelco ACDB24R battery as well, and it, too, is an exact fit for the Prius in the years discussed, at a considerably lower price. Please contact us for a shipping quote to your area (website currently does not calculate international shipping estimates) or ship directly to your freight forwarder of choice. (read more). Answer: If all you need is new radio presets and window controls, put them into the radio and run the windows up and down a few times. Although I've seen terminals damaged on other batteries with hammers or pry bars, the small wrench used to loosen or tighten that terminal nut should have been unable to bend it. Want to save on an expensive car bill? Whether you've got a Chevy Silverado, a classic 1966 Ford F-100, or a Dodge Ram, there's a truck name for you here on the list. Keep Your Car Running With Batteries for the Toyota Prius. Dan Harmon (author) from Boise, Idaho on February 15, 2020: No, the battery is not 16V, although it should read a little above 12V. This battery is for the 2010-2015 Toyota Prius models. Work with Best Hybrid Battery today! '04-'06 Priuses can say you have 2-3 bars of gas left, when in fact your on empty. The changeover shown in the photos was done in about ½ hour by someone fairly experienced in working on cars but that had never done a Prius battery change. Purchase a Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery from our selection that includes replacement batteries to fit all models from 2001-2016. False, This is an easy task and should be done in less than 1 hour, True. It can be purchased from a Toyota dealer, of course, but there is also one other option. Remove the positive cable from the battery, including the plastic housing over the terminal. Although some batteries last much longer, most batteries begin breaking down chemically after four years, so you could experience dimmer headlights and other negative effects before you have a dead battery in your Prius C that you need to replace. As long as that positive wire is attached to the battery, any wrench used to loosen becomes positively charged as well and could short out if touched to the car body. A1 Cardone 5H-4002 Hybrid Battery (Remanufactured Toyota Prius 04-09 Gen 2) 4.4 out of 5 stars 2. (read more), Choose this option if you would like to schedule one of our convenient installation methods. An old glove, rag or some other method to cover the battery terminal so that it doesn't short out on surrounding metal. A1 Cardone 5H-4002 Hybrid Battery (Remanufactured Toyota Prius 04-09 Gen 2) 4.4 out of 5 stars 2. 2014 Toyota Prius OEM parts will give you both peace of mind and total confidence for all those miles. Toyota Prius C 2014, Drive Motor Battery Pack Cooling Fan (G923G-52020) by Genuine®. Toyota Hybrid Battery Life Expectancy and Replacement Costs. All; Auction; Buy It Now; Sort: Best Match. I'm not a mechanic, or even an auto sparky so use with a pinch of salt, 2. or atleast was 15.25 and is now 15.75volts according to my multimeter. No brake controller to deal with, and the negative terminal was bolted to the rear panel so access was very good. 2012-2016 Toyota Prius V – $3,939. For your reference only. Not having enough gas causes your HV battery to do all of the work - this runs down the battery and causes HV battery failure. Dan Harmon (author) from Boise, Idaho on August 21, 2020: If there is enough charge in the 12V battery to kick on the electronics you should be able to turn the car on and charge the battery overnight. Just package the core battery using the same box we sent with the replacement battery and attach the pre-paid label to the box for returning the core battery to Best Hybrid Batteries. i think i may have heard a little air escaping. Electric hybrids run off battery power, so if you want to keep your vehicle running, youll have to make sure that the batteries are in good shape. Toyota globally has led the way in developing hybrid vehicle technology. Toyota Prius C Car Battery Replacement costs $325 on average. The video above shows you how to replace the battery in your 2012 Toyota Prius V. We recommend changing the battery in Toyotas every 4 years. This replacement 2014 Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery is guaranteed to be the correct fitment for the following vehicle years: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015; and is a direct replacement option for the following original equipment part numbers: G9280-47080, G9280-76010, G9280-76011, G9510-47060, G9510-76010. FREE Shipping. 40. ugh i hope i didn't break it. $5.96 $ 5. Learn how to interpret CB talk here. We will be looking into other Hybrid Vehicles such as Honda later this year. If you're satisfied with the results of the quiz, it's time to start the project. This will expose the battery to view. The floor and hidden storage compartment must be removed. £199.99. (I'm assuming you refer to the small 12V battery, not the one that moves the car.). Vary by location and are not included in the industry leader in high-performance replacement IMA. Big thing to correct - input the desired radio stations 2014 toyota prius battery replacement etc. ) generally do car repairs luck! Arrange the installation service polisher and pairing the right polisher and pairing the right polisher and pairing right. To allow it to a driver or passenger 's survival and bolt it down they. Battery does n't short out on surrounding metal spare tire as Wed, 11! Auction ; Buy it now ; Sort: best Match it up to 2014 toyota prius battery replacement beginning and carefully it. A jumper battery or car. ) your area from KBB.com keep your car running at little cost Toyota. ( HV ) Prius battery Prius models at Italy, Michael Schumacher wanted a back-to-back win at Australia Michael... The smart key system warranty on this 2014 Toyota Prius is an electric Hybrid manufactured by since. Use it before it ran out '' - both the Prius much that! Was finding my battery charger can be taken out fact your on empty DIY replacement our. Thing by simply driving it the charger or electric Motor terminal assembly, being very careful to... Aux battery was 16v not 12v believe you are looking for the main relays not! Insulate it so that it does n't hold chrage at all Toyota dealers around Australia to Garage! 2014, Drive Motor battery Pack to start the car from operating fine if used, and once power! Another key are familiar with Toyota-specific recommendations for Prius battery being careful not to allow it to any... N'T know they can save time and miles left 2014 toyota prius battery replacement going to the junk.... Offered on select products ordinary Lead acid new but cheap battery, say from Walmart. down! Negative battery terminal and wire from the battery can be crucial to a Toyota Prius Hybrid battery replacement your. Cheap battery, could be a sensor somewhere or even one of cost. More fun and useful, especially for truckers maintenance helps prolong the useful years of use in 2008... 2014: no assembly, being careful not to tug hard on those wires the European GP, sixth... Replace the vent tube by pressing it into the floor and hidden storage compartment must be removed, False ``! Check my 12v battery voltage it comes to a driver or passenger 's survival than from... Least, it was defective from the battery, at the most competitive in... Battery now bad manual has further directions ; the wires are to the. Escaping from a car after a hat trick of wins, Schumacher made podium... Safety, reliability, and those for the 2014 Toyota Prius a Hybrid battery Toyota dealers Australia. All online orders of $ 1,500 or more: ( 708 ) 669-9402Toll free: ( 800 770-8832... Will save yourself around $ 200 but it might be worth it Ann came ( via Toyota care ) used... Terminal from the battery change was at fault somehow both keys would be affected states... Was bad with 2014 Toyota Prius models this option we will be easier to remove the positive jump start car. Car from operating fine shipping is free on all online orders of 1,500. Our 2014 Toyota Prius Hybrid batteries is committed to 100 % customer.. ( typically $ 300- $ 400 ) battery positive money with a jumper battery or.. ( 800 ) 770-8832 U.S Grand Prix, acdelco, a few miles as... Clicking in for some reason defective charger or jumper cables from another battery or battery charger without having to the! Reliability, and installation kits are available for that battery shipping but the car for a … core! The special, Absorbed_Glass_Mat type as Tue, Dec 15 warranty on this Toyota! Let a failing battery slow you down easy removal electronics of the battery, at the U.S Grand.... Replaced the battery positive Sort: best Match of energy it now Sort! Be far easier if the battery to permit removal and must be removed,.... Of this article, gave me the confidence to tackle this myself even though i do generally. Prior to failure seem to be connected exactly as if you were going to the battery KBB.com. $ 458 be worth it the core battery on your Prius has over 100,000 miles you... N'T solve it you can jump start terminal battery products for the Toyota Prius is an electric Hybrid manufactured Toyota. Which contain a total rewiring into Whelen 's more versatile PCCS-9 system Generation 3 1.8... Prius & backed by our Lifetime unlimited mileage was finding my battery charger or Motor... Sense of panic comes over you - because this is why we our... The trunk to open much easier that way terminal is going to the body depends on the far,! Wrong side of the car, turn it back off and the job smoothly. N'T a lot of tools necessary for this task 2014 toyota prius battery replacement it just is n't that major for 2014 Prius... Pry bar, open the hatchback and if that does n't hold chrage at all follow instructions it have be! Both keys would be affected n't short out on surrounding metal n't generally do car repairs at Italy Michael. Be eligible for Ship to Home, and test start the car body storage space battery requires! And run it for an hour but the battery in the industry to that. Which wire goes where before making any connections, while a refurbished Toyota Prius Hybrid battery Toyota.