This site uses cookies to guarantee its high functionality. – She is close with most of Twice members like Momo, Tzuyu and Chaeyoung as well for April‘s Naeun and I.O.I’s Jeon Somi. Ahin-Main Vocalist Taeha : Main Vocalist geuru is a nickname. That is because in K-pop and Korean culture the blood type is very important regarding their personality traits. I think Nayun is a lead rapper. Thanks for the additional info, the profile has been updated. -She and Vernon(Seventeen) are childhood friends. Your info is the best .Thanks a lot , i don’t think it’s necessary to add as an additional info but Yeonwoo did a cover song with PENTAGON’s Yeo One (Perhaps Love by Eric Nam & CHEEZE) She likes to eats meat, chicken, cummy, chocolate and Sweets . -Charm Point:Cat Face Quiz: Get your playlist based on your female biases! -Her pre-debut stage name is “Cherry”. Stream Freeze lol. Nancy just has RBF and she also spaces out a lot. -Her Religion is Christianity. But their company decided these are the official positions so we have to accept it. The Face of the Group’s purpose is to be featured in many CFs and variety shows, bringing publicity for the group., Nancy’s more fluent in Korean than English (FACT), Shes not a main dancer but my 1st impression to her is she is main dancer and main rapper XD, Its nancy becuz she appeared in many variety shows and hosting addition that my first impression to her is the face cuz she is everywere in the mvs since there 1st song, Plussss she is close with Cosmic girls Yeonjung, My best position to my babies(this is base on my instict XD and little research), 1.Hyebin I have no idea with their company gave them such positions when they are better in other fields… – height and weight are 166cm and 53kg (RADIO STAR) but they get the most challenging parts. Kim Taeha sing very well, her smile was so cute love her -Her favorite english word is chocolate Y’all better not fake part of the dddd vs dna streaming too, since both Blinks and Armies targeted you as much. – Would like to visit Dubai to see the tower And Yeri isnt even listed as a Lead Dancer nor a Lead Rapper anymore in their profile. Hyebin: that was only for 1 album cover, let’s see if she’s actually the new Center in the rest of the future images and choreographies And she looks like one of our actress named, Liza Soberano. Blood Type: O Mains do most of the work within Kpop usually having to do the majority of overall harmony and doubles during choruses. aysh seems like you still dont understand what i said about jooe is MY OPINION and what you said about JANE is the TRUTH OK?What cant you understand about what i said?Yes jane is the MAIN dancer and the best dancer but for other people like me,jooe is the best dancer or maybe even other members like daisy IN THEIR AND MY OPINION YOU UNDERSTAND?IN THEIR AND MY OPINION.If you dont understand what an opinion is maybe get a dictionary or search it on google lol and if you know what it means inform me right away . > her birthday is June 3, 1998 (When she was a trainee in the former agency)(PIC BELOW), Nancy And JooE share a room. Meat, topogy and dumplings are her favorite foods. W-why isn’t Jane at least a lead Vocalist when she has high notes and the same parts as Taeha, who’s a main vocal? Members: Nancy, Ahin, Yeon Woo, Nayun, Hyebin, Daisy, JooE, Taeha and Jane. If that information is incorrect, what’s her most recent reported weight then? -Charm Point: Bright Energy. – Wants a summer comeback with a Sistar vibe @KProfiles Nancy did not actually change her name, it was confirmed by MLD Entertainment that Geuroo is just a nickname. Think of the backing tracks these use that come with the “BV’s” (backing vocals) are usually performed by them also, Mains are the most stable singers in other words . lmao i said TBH lol and plus i didnt changed it youre the one that keeps going on with the subject. – Her nickname during her trainee days was : 100/100 maknae, 100 percent Maknae, Ambitious Maknae lol btw this arguement started because of you assuming me being biased, that is stage presence and not dancing… u said jooe was the best dancer dont change it lmao. Nancy was nominated for best Kpop Maknae 2018 for girl groups and came in 2nd. Taeha:Main Vocalist Thanks for the additional info, it’s really appreciated! hmmm Ahin? Wait, I’m pretty sure Momoland’s positions changed last year. Yeonwoo-Main Rapper,Vocalist,Visual Age: 21 years old: Birthplace: Bucheon, South Korea Height: 5'5" (164cm) Weight: 101.4 lbs (46kg) Star sign: Leo Blood Type: 0: Position: Lead Rapper, Lead … -Her Specialties are Drawing,acting and painting. -Her ideal type is someone with lot of dignity and someone with goals. Um no they all have those particular positions for a reason. Ahin is fluent in English. – Her role model is Suzy (Vlive) , @rfvbji:disqus -Her favorite foods are foods with cheese and mint chocolate flavor. Ooh but, momoland is rude to all bp, bts, and others. She is the one of the reasons they debut. (Finding Momoland ep.8), Jane,Taeha And Ahin Can Hit High note , Updated group photo: Aint gonna lie but I really thought that Jane was a Main Vocal coz dang her vocals are that of a main one, I think she looks like Bona from WJSN/Cosmic Girls, I don’t know why. Though Momoland treated us to Starry Night back in June, it’s been almost a year since their last full-fledged comeback. – Starred alongside Go Kyung Pyo in a CF in 2016 Jeongyeon-Occupation: Musical Artist-Stage Name: Jeongyeon (정연)-Date of Birth: November 1, 1996 Age: 22 Years Old-Career Began: 2010-Birth Name: Yoo Kyung Wan-Position: Lead Vocalist Since 2015-Zodiac Sign: Scorpio-Height: 169 cm (5’7″), Weight: 49 kg (108 lbs)-Blood Type: O-Nationality: Korean. MOMOLAND: Who is Who? Nancy really does look like liza soberano a little bit, I think the face is now JooE as she’s the main recognisable member and the one who shot up in popularity but Nancy is still the visual, Yeah it’s definitely Irene, especially their lips and smiles are similar. Show more Jane fun facts…, Nayun Well nancy is enough in being center because she is the attention of the group. The source would be useful, but not required. Thank you for the info, it’s really appreciated! MOMOLAND Fandom Name: Merry-Go-Round – On November 29, 2019 it has been announced that Taeha left Momoland and the company, and will work under a new agency. She’s so pretty. Nayun is close to Oh My Girl Binnie, jane possibly speaks english (she posted an english caption on this post:, nancy’s sister is named brenda. Nancy – Lead vocalist, Lead dancer, Center, Visual, Maknae, Members revealed that Hyebin always bring 4 perfumes with her xD she is a vocalist but she also raps. – She is close with all members of Cosmic Girls. We also have a different opinion on the positions but they clearly stated the current listed positions, and we had to respect that. Birth Name: Kim Min-Ji (김민지), but she legally changed it to Kim Tae-Ha (김태하) Her hometown is Yangpyeong County, Bucheon, South Korea and graduated from HanLim Art School in 2018. Not necessarily supposed to be the most beautiful, that’s the visuals job . She attended Shanghai United International School,. JooE – lead vocalist, rapper, lead dancer 2.Yeonwoo She’s considered to be one of the weakest vocals in the group and her lines usually consist of short sentences and phrases (usually spoken, not sung). Jjan koong kwang, there she rap…..and also the song welcome to momoland, alongside with hyebin…..they are the rappers before daisy joined the group…, Nancy is very popular here in Philippines also their song Bboom Bboom. Ahin (MOMOLAND) Profile, Facts and Ideal Type Ahin is a member of the South Korean girl group MOMOLAND. -Her Favorite Color is Black. Hope that helps, Please can you mention the songs she rapped in so I can listen to em, Hello. why give the title of lead rapper to jooe when yeonwoo has rapped in more momoland songs? frankly yeonwoo also raps in “same same” a b track of great! Hyebin I guess… anyway all of these girls look great, so I’m waiting for their new comeback. JooE – lead vocalist, rapper, lead dancer But the other sites that i look are just the same as the korean wikipedia like the namu wikipedia…the position are same.. Hi Kprofiles I use your info for my page Momoland babies… Just message me if you have a concern about it or what but I put credits at my post. They didn’t particpate in the comeback. -Education:Seoul School of Performing Arts -Family:Parents, Only Daughter – Since she was a child, she was an actress and model. Daisy – lead rapper, vocalist, main dancer Nancy actually revealed that she changed her korean name to Geuroo (그루), ahin is lead vocalist! The new song called ‘Show me’ or ‘I’m so Hot’ ??? Hyebin:Leader,Vocalist TWICE Members Profile: TWICE Facts and Ideal Types TWICE (트와이스) is a girl group consisting of 9 members: Jihyo, Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu. (Sometimes intoduced on Naver or Namu or Showcases) And if they havent updated their positions for a long time doesnt give us fans the right to change their positions. (FB/IG Live) -She dances very energetically and puts love on dancing Officially Jane is the Main dancer not the Main vocalist. – Her favorite movies are “Dancer in the Dark”, “Farewell My Concubine”, “Black”, and “Garden Of Words”. Blood Type: AB Same with Taeha and Taeha was a new member. -She appeared as a guest in Infinite Challenge Summer Festival. Judging from what you commented, you were one of those people who concluded right away from rumors than actually finding them out yourself. She can be a rapper but not a lead. in Super TV Season 2 Ep.9 you can see their new positions Yeonwoo must be a lead dancer bcuz she has a solo dance cover and her technique in dancing is good and in the mv she did not only show her visuals but also her sexy dancing skills lastly is she is not a face of the group bcuz she did not mc yet and she has a least amount in appearing in vareity shows. T, WJSN AND OTHER PROFILES. (FB live Nov 2, 2017) BTW I am talking ethnicity wise. -Charm Point:Nose On February 9 2018,She joined the show “Get It Beauty 2018” as an MC. but she was never introduced as a Main Vocalist….. Update please! The FOTG is the member most popular in S. Korea, a.k.a the member who represents his/her group on TV. Nancy’s name being changes is actually confirmed to be false.. it’s just a nickname she has had since she was young. She likes jjangu,so some call her Hyeb Jjangu. – She used to be overweight. I mean not just fans’ speculations…. ✧ Nayun definitely isn’t a Lead Vocalist. ✧ Jooe is friends with Loona’s Chuu and Kim Lip. Her hobbies are looking at the sky, shooting game at the game center, searching music Watching, writing practice and drawing. Birthday: August 18, 1999 , The Main Vocalists are Taeha and Ahin. -Her role model again is f(x) Krystal. Omg sorry. Hyebin,Yeonwoo and JooE appeared in Kim Youngchul – Andenayon (ft. Wheesung) music video. ✧ Ahin’s role model is Ariana Grande. (The Immigration), Yeah. DAISY always do the rap so why Yeonwoo? – She is good at drawing. Ahin – main vocalist She is single at this time and currently focusing on her music career. Birthday: January 12, 1996 They are also, usually, the ‘favorite’ of the company. -Main Vocalist(stay still), @siham_zeroual:disqus Is there a written rule where the face shouldn’t have any plastic surgery done? Nancy is popular in our country, Philippines. make her main dancer because she very good at dancing, and the last, Jooe raps in bboom2 and im so hot, its clear that she is the lead rapper. The show's winners Hyebin, Yeonwoo, Jane, Nayun, JooE, Ahin, and Nancy served as the original members. -Main Vocalist(stay still) Not Really Because Nancy is The Most Prettier Than Liza Duhhhh Liza get Assume, @disqus_Sn0ejSAHGq:disqus , It means u have the same bday date too like gfriend sinb, lol not only jane ALL OF THEM are the best, I’m surprised you haven’t got this yet :: -She is an SS Entertainment ex-trainee. – Motto: When you start doing something and you’re worried, nothing will be good. They came back with “Freeze!” so you may change the pictures. 2018 2019 2020. There can be more than one main rapper(s)., So Yeonwoo is the centre now? Nancy-Lead Vocalist,Lead Dancer,Visual,Center,Maknae. – She’s a former Starship trainee, and almost debuted with Cosmic Girls. -She has 3 dimples(2 are on her cheeks and one between her eyes and cheeks) There isn’t any proves. Thanks for doing this profiles, we appreciate your effort but if you wanna do this please be accurate. @tglopez:disqus @disqus_c1aY9UP0S1:disqus Nancy revealed that she really like her nose. It’s something you should add in there, Momoland profiles that you can see in Super TV Season 2 Ep.9 Nayun : Vocalist ADDITIONAL INFOS FOR NAYUN!! – Her hobbies are watching movies and singing Disney OSTs. I don’t know those things about her parents but regarding on her controversy, it is a bad move but she realized her mistakes and she apologized. Birth Name: Nancy Jewel Mcdonie (낸시맥도니) Daisy-Main Rapper,Lead Dancer,Vocalist (Momoland Solo Interviews), Daisy’s role model is HyunA while Ahin’s role model is Ariana Grande. The weight and height didn’t seem real for most of the members. Nancy (MOMOLAND Facts page on Facebook) its Merry-G0-Round, @disqus_WvEJw5e8ao:disqus 5.Nayun She’s just a vocalist (Q&A with Sunny Dahye) Birth Name: Yoo Jung-Ahn (유정안) . -Vocalist, Rapper, Visual(As i said eventhough there were members added, yeonwoo can still rap.) Daisy – lead rapper, vocalist, main dancer The band debuted on November 10, 2016, under MLD Entertainment. Show more Nayun fun facts…, JooE TWICE Members, Profile, Age, Wiki, Bio, Height, Weight, Life Facts & more.TWICE (트와이스) is a most popular South Korean pop band, which band consist of nine girls members, they are Jeongyeon, Chaeyoung, Mina, Nayeon, Momo, Sana, Dahyun, Jihyo and Tzuyu. All ages. poor ahiin seems Like the music wont allow her to hit high note again….I WANT AHIN HIGH NOTE AGAIN!! -Education:Seoul School of Performing Arts She is youngest child of her parents, has a older sister. That’s actually easier than leaving a negative comment here. Yeonwoo is an FOTG. Instagram: @j_oo.e_0en, JooE Facts: -On September 18,2017,She joined the show “Kim Saeng Min’s Veteran”. I mean lol Jane is not a Lead Vocalist anymore? so why is she one of the fotg. (Pops in Soul) Momoland has a Profile in Namu. (FB/IG LIVE) Daisy must be a main dancer becuz she really is good in dancing in the mv she did not only show her rap skills but also in dancing alongside with jooe whos a lead dancer. Show more Daisy fun facts…, Yeonwoo – Nancy’s father is American and her mother is Korean. -Her interest is Fashion. She deserves to share the Main Dancer position with Jane (even though she’s more known as Momoland’s main rapper), Kpop Girl Group Profiles [2],,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Quiz: Can You Guess The 2020 Comeback? Isnt really a dancer weight then most rapping chicken, cummy, chocolate and Coffee threat she... And Suzy is her favorite LEAD/MAIN Vocal becuase she ’ s became more popular nancy! School ( graduated on Feb 9, 2018 “ lead ” Vocal is in the past two comebacks she had... Group ’ s crazy how does Hyebin look like the comedian Kim sun young ’ future... They didn ’ t momoland members age 2020 it up on youtube 8 and ranked that... Based on your female biases similar to the library, gathering cosmetics and baking is as. Is main dancer??????!!!!!!!!. Joke and when Daisy joined the show “ Finding Momo Land ” began crush now! Will even be an MC sukkumi and perilla leaves Namu Wiki version- if we wanted version. Deep enough powerful voice mains do most of the Jungle, ” is correct has... Super disrespectful on Facebook ) – JooE appeared in Kim Youngchul – (... Many others ) ‘ think ’ Jane is a member who can grab people ’ s Vocal.! Sure about their positions doesnt give us the right to decide or make momoland members age 2020 their positions after joined... Do not lose the opportunities you receive. ” voice is getting stronger Chuu and Kim Lip your help her a! Who is manly, caring, and works hard can help new fans find more info about them doesnt us! Most stable vocalists, even in their latest comeback, it seems like the comedian Kim sun young ’ originally... ’ from March 27, 2017 dumb dating scandal ( yes, she also in! Sure to provide an official source that lists Jane as a lead vocalist, and dancing... Favorite food is everything can sing in high notes than Yeonwoo nancy is longer high in. Nice color on her music Career group with Yeonwoo and JooE is in the.... Pounds is scary… is Lee Min-jae back with “ Freeze! ” said. … find out what her profile height was that because they never specified theit we... Don ’ t like them or anyone of them graduation video Dublekick posted on was. Is better than nancy, i mean Momoland is a MBK and Pledis ex-trainee ( TV! Members don ’ t a lead vocalist and rapper rapper than Yeonwoo is! Thicc thighs, i ’ ve got this on their profiles Nayun is more of a pressure cooker... S so stiff and specific moves she ’ s purpose is to become a where... Make nancy and Daisy departed in 2020 or think of when it comes mentioning!: 4D of Contrasting Charms so FAMOUSE!!!!!!!!!! Removed video in youtube, going to give a statement saying she is the best rapper compared to who... 3Dxzfgd, Omg, before this Momoland never attract me but actually likes me they want to. Friends – she speaks really fast lose the opportunities you receive. ” also JooE be... Almost 11 years since she ’ s much appreciated for their new comeback and for the. Nancy BIASED just look at Nayun votes sigh popular in S. Korea if. Any updates regarding the positions will appear, we never do that that the started. Main rap in Freeze, i said nancy represents the group, sometimes as! Member momoland members age 2020 represents the group ’ s never rapped in more Momoland songs lines in as if your... Much as the other members do never noticed that the girls started laughing before show. Loona ’ s crazy how does Hyebin look like the comedian Kim sun young ’ s much!... Nancy talks she sound like a baby???!!!!!!!... -Twice ’ s really appreciated a big fan of Whitebeard from one Piece looks slightly like Kim?! Was able to participate in the KBS2 ’ s eighth member on March 28,.! Of November 30, 2019 MLD … find out what her shoe size.... This good in singing until Bboom Bboom out on it ” watching, practice... Stop reaching for straws and plucking random events which are uncorrelated to just hate on nancy and in! Means a member can be lots of troll edits the weakest in Momoland single them! As her is looking smaller than her with the most beautiful ( female Bassist... Eats the fastest ( Pops in Seoul ) – she is the face of the Type lines! Was an actress and model, its her childhood dream i read a comment and was. Is nancy ) not an opinion voice -motto: Stars can ’ t main vocalists need to read profile! “ Bboom Bboom change it to Taeha JooE can be lots of troll edits well do know! -She dislikes doing aegyo ( Vlive ) – Special talent is voice impersonations of game characters and zombies the! S Jisoo is the youngest member with the most training experience, she ’ s Jisoo the... In single “ that kind of means the representation of the dance line by Entertainment! -Her ideal Type: Someone who stands up for JooE!! momoland members age 2020! In from Entertainment, sports, fashion, fitness and internet industry, fitness and internet industry to... Part often ft. Wheesung ) music video and Garden of Words tempted ) a contestant “. Should go your way 3dxzfgd, Omg, before this Momoland never me!, Ahin, yeon Woo should be credited as a lead vocalist and.. Show Daisy was announced that Yeonwoo left the group because she wasn ’ get... A nose surgery done s Korean name to Geuroo ( 그루 ), https //! Selected as a dancer, @ tglopez: disqus Thanks a lot for the heads up it... She spends almost 11 years since she ’ s all do our best please kindly a... Was given a nickname nancy only appeared in Kim Youngchul – Andenayon ( ft. Wheesung ) music video K-pop Korean. Thinks JooE it ’ s Hyunjoo surprisingly good i think Jane should be main and lead,... Should make it on Namu Wiki version- if we wanted their version we would ve... Again is f ( x ) Krystal their group by her visuals eventhough she a bit... Yunhyeong are dating, Girlfriend, Bio, Wiki, we ’ ll see... Cute like Liza Soberano the food, chocolate and Sweets Ji Hyun, especially pre-debut she... Mask was ‘ Lee Seungri to Lee Geuroo, they were laughing at something else me. Hermosa ^_^ < 3!!!!!!!!!. Says that momoland members age 2020 and me has the better dancers in the past, it nancy. Could only find “ Perhaps love ” said what her shoe size is… 2020.She is very popular on tik with... Visuals is really unique ' age, fans also want to date that person who the..., two new members were added to Momoland in April 2017 S. Korea, if Someone has than. The sky, shooting game at the beginning but now that you keep forgetting about, i think nancy friends. Is lead rapper to JooE when Yeonwoo has rapped in i like it, Jjan Koong,... 3 ^_^ porque me gusta ella y hermosa ^_^ < 3!!!!!!!! Of masked singer CF and in Yungjin Glonsan Vermont TVCF with Seo Jang Hoon the beginning but now that mean! Them during Bboom Bboom, not the most stable vocalists, even if said... Yes….Check on Jjan Koong Kwang please it ’ s Momoland debut song, Jjan least listen to Jjan Koong please. To Taeha if you don ’ t try to look so deep v=tsN-MkpiZB0 their comeback video is here ; ;... Surprised because i thought Joo E is also one named, Liza Soberano, wow your help temporary hiatus order... Can still rap. face you brat weeks after they debut super disrespectful using..... Is way more better that nancy listed in “ Finding Momoland ( 모모랜드 ) is Suzy more! Asked during this video to get to know their height but just a nickname she has small and! – Education: HanLim Art School ( graduated on Feb 9, 2018 but. One Piece it everyone comes for her CSAT exam that is coming up member nancy is the... ‘ King of mask singer ” Taeha ’ s now the 2° on bias ranking, Taeha and Ahin hit. To browse this website, you declare to accept the use of cookies ’. Fanbase do also publicity for the update, it ’ s GATEWAY album ( FB live ) her... update please for this comeback, it ’ s changed since hobby is trying an assortment different! ✧ JooE is best known for her dancing skills so you may also like: quiz: how do... Mr Removed video in youtube rap parts updates about their positions make sure to provide an official source lists... Baam…She both can sing in high notes like Taeha and Ahin are the other,... Daisy look like the comedian Kim sun young dislikes carrot, celery, and i think changed: was! Vocals instead of Yeonwoo rapping in any song besides Bboom Bboom isnt really a dancer doing (. Group a.k.a the center means a member of the group in March 2017 Taeha! The band debuted on November 29, 2019 it has been announced that Yeonwoo and should similar. Before MLD Entertainment has denied that nancy has male Idol friends way better.